Adult Hosting values the partnership that is established with our affiliate program participants. It’s our goal to establish a cost effective, competitive solution to assist our affiliate program referrals in their local markets. We have developed an affiliate program referral platform that will be mutually beneficial for both company and clients. So sign up to become a remunerated participant in Adult Hosting’s Affiliate Program and watch our sales generate your commission.

What is an Affiliate Program?

A Adult Hosting Affiliate Program Participants is a customer that will generate a referral by putting up a banner on your site and if there are orders generated from it, you immediately earn a commission for each order. Any purchase will generate commission for you!

What services qualify for the Affiliate Program?

All Dedicated, VPS and Colocation servers offered at regular price as depicted in on our website will qualify for the affiliate programs commission rates.

How does the Affiliate Program Commissions work?

The Adult Hosting affiliate program participant is an affiliate member utilising a specific referral platform based upon generating volumes of referrals to Adult Hosting.  The affiliate program referrals generated from your posted website banner earns you direct commission, and as your total number of referrals increases so will the appropriate earnings as per our commission scale.  Simply put, the more referrals you generate for Adult Hosting, the higher your commission percentages become.

How does the Affiliate Program Work?

Below is specific information regarding the Adult Hosting affiliate program, meant to be a guideline of service offers and levels of support:


The Adult Hosting affiliate program participants are structured to provide a visible banner that stimulates orders of Dedicated, Cloud, VPS and Colocation servers that in turn generates a commission-scale based earning for the approved affiliate program participants.


ADHAP participants must be directly approved by your Adult Hosting sales representative or an account manager either filling out the affiliate program agreement or Adult Hosting application to review your affiliate program participants services offerings.

  1. Affiliate Program Commissions Scale
    Concerning products as quoted from time to time by a Adult Hosting affiliate program participant, applicable affiliate program participant’s discounts will already be applied during the quote.


  1. Affiliate Payout Percentages

    There are a couple of ways to get paid, depending on the contract terms of your referrals.
    Month-to-Month Terms
    On a month to month agreement we will payout a 50% of commissions for the first month
    of referred service to our affiliate program participant.

    Annual Terms
    On a one year agreement we will payout a 100% of commissions for the first month
    of referred service to our affiliate program participant.


  1. Payout Terms

    Our affiliate program participants who take advantage of our referral program are actively entitled to a substantial potential for compensation. So instead of simply compensating a flat fee for every affiliate program referral - Adult Hosting pays on the specific nature of the client's order.

    More specifically - if tomorrow your affiliate program referral orders colocation for 25 racks with Adult Hosting - we don't just payout a flat 25$ fee; we will also be prepared to compensate our affiliate program participant based on volume of the referrals’ orders. So in other words Adult Hosting pays 50% of their first month's recurring price directly to you on a month to month term or 100% of their first month's recurring price directly to you on a Yearly agreement!


    for example . . .


    For a 120$ per month dedicated server would be a one-time payout of 60$
    For a 120$ per month on yearly agreement server would be a one-time payout of 120$


    • As soon as the first confirmed payment is received, Adult Hosting will immediately provide the following payment options for your complete flexibility:


    -PayPal, Western Union, Check and Wire Transfers (Banking).

    • The first server purchased through Adult Hosting affiliate program, must be done through your sales representative or the Adult Hosting website, and note your approved affiliate program participant’s status. The billing department will make the pricing adjustments prior to invoicing and billing for the server(s) ordered.